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Skarpaz blades are made with state of the art manufacturing equipment and production techniques using the finest saw materials available. All Skarpaz blades feature:

bulletLaser cut saw bodies designed on an in-house Computer Aided Design system.
bulletEuropean C-3, or Sub Micron Corrosion Resistant or specialty grades for maximum edge life.
bulletSaw Plates surface ground for exceptional blade flatness (where some manufacturers only polish).
bulletRoll and Hammer Tensioning and Leveling (some work simply cannot be done by machines).
bulletTri-Metal brazing material on fully automated induction brazing machines.
bulletHoned arbor holes to H-7 tolerance to ensure precise arbor fit.
bulletPrecision Sharpening on automatic CNC machines ensuring accurate and consistent cutting angles.

Call ‭(770) 492-3256‬ for Current Pricing


The Orion Series -- A great value line of blades. 
Value because these blades have industrial features and quality found in their much costlier competitors:


Induction Brazed C-3 grade European carbide tips


Precision CNC Sharpening


Roll and hammer tension


Copper plugged expansion slots


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